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Top 10 Books I Read in 2020

I used to love doing end of the year lists. I remember going back to my childhood, spending hours and days selecting the best videogames of the year, by genre!

For a few years, when I was involved with writing articles for music webzines, I would also spend a lot of time trying to come up with the lists of best songs and best albums of the year.

So I am very happy to go back to this tradition and list the top 10 books of the year.

I am also very happy that so far I have ready 14 books (nearly 15), comparing to 4 in 2019.

This is a big improvement for me as for years I struggled with reading and couldn’t read anything longer than a newspaper article.

The disclaimer for this list is that I haven’t read any fiction and that the books chosen are about business and self-development.

  1. The Practice, Seth Godin – Because every book by Seth fills me up with motivation and inspiration about what I do
  2. The Lean Startup, Eric Ries – Because it changed my way of looking at my business
  3. Blitzscaling, Reid Hoffmann – Because it made me understand the concept of fast growth and scaling
  4. The Art of Possibility, Benjamin Zander & Rosamund Stone Zander – Because it helped me in my relationship with my wife and people in general
  5. Black Box Thinking, Matthew Syed – Because it made me understand what measuring and gradual improvement are
  6. Talking to Strangers, Malcom Gladwell – Because any book by Gladwell surprises me in many ways
  7. Small Data, Martin Lindstrom – Because it made me understand that big data don’t always give you the insights you need
  8. To Sell is Human, Daniel H. Pink – Because it made me understand that the concept of selling applies in every profession and environment
  9. Invent & Wander, Jeff Bezos – Because it made me understand how such an inspired leader thinks
  10. Limitless, Jim Kwik – Because it helped me tweak my memorising skills