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Why nobody talks about Francesco Farioli?

If you are not an Italian football / soccer fan, the name Francesco Farioli will not mean much to you.

The interesting fact is that the name seems to mean very little to both Italian sports fans and journalists.

I confess I didn’t know about Francesco Farioli until today.

As any other day, I visited La Gazzetta dello Sport website and noticed an article about Vincenzo Montella.

He is a former football player now managing Adana Demirspor Turkish team.

He has been rightly praised for bringing a newly-promoted team and bringing them to a 9th rank in the Turkish Super Lig.

I wanted to find more info about his team and the Turkish football league so I went to Wikipedia.

It’s here that I noticed the name Francesco Farioli.

He is the manager of Alanyaspor, a Turkish team that finished the league…5th!

This is not the only interesting team about him.

Before managing Alyanaspor, at 31 years of age he managed Fatih Karagümrük in 2021 as the youngest football manager in a pro league in Europe.

His experience is also very interesting. Before 2022 he almost entirely worked as a goalkeeping coach.

He was also invited by the Barcelona FC to hold a lecture about football!

Considering his young age and his recent achievements, you would expect a lot of articles about him.

You would be wrong.

On his Wikipedia profile there is just a handful of external links, mostly from local newspapers like Corriere Fiorentino (from Florence).

If you run a Google search, you will only find another handful of articles.

The interesting thing is that most of these articles write about Francesco Farioli’s revolution and the brilliance of his football.

Why nobody talks about Francesco Farioli?