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Two New Projects for 2021

Hi and Happy New Year (yes, in Ireland you can say it probably until the end of February).

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Christmas break.

I am writing a quick post to share some news about two new projects that I have launched in 2021.

WordPress Italy in my intentions is a go-to website, in Italian, for all things WordPress.

From doing a quick research, I noticed there was no website in Italian focusing on the WordPress world.

This is my attempt of filling that gap.

La casa delle patate

This is one of the things I feel proud of and you can find it at

The idea started shortly after the death of my beloved grandfather, Antonino Bellantonio (‘Nino’ for everybody who knew him).

I realised that with the death of my grandfather, a world full of stories, proverbs, songs, in brief a world had died as well.

I am talking about the Calabrian dialect I grew up with and which was the very first language I learned (even before learning Italian).

La casa delle patate is my attempt to share and preserve the fascinating and beautiful world and culture of the Calabrian dialect.