What to write when you are tired, sleepy and hungry?

When you have no inspiration or motivation to write.

When you struggled to do your regular gym workout in the morning.

When you went beyond the planned calorie intake because you were very hungry…and still are.

When you feel uninspired.

When you wait for something to happen.

When you are tired to reply to the same questions and repeat the same answers.

When you have no patience and wish other people understood that and applied patience and understanding with you.

When you wait, and you wait, and you wait for something to happen, for the apartments to sell, for the shops to make a lot of money, for things to magically get fixed.

What to write when you keep reading the same football transfer news about your team and nothing happens.

When the Mavericks make no miracles and lose to the Celtics in game 5.

I really don’t know what to write but I have managed to write this.

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