I have recently written a review of “King of Sweden” by Future Islands.

The song, taken from their latest album People Who Aren’t There Anymore, stroke a chord with me by reminding me of a feeling.

It made me think of when I felt like “the King of Sweden”.

I mostly noticed I felt this way when something (positive and) unexpected happened.

When something that I felt was not really in my power to make it happen happened.

The consequence of this was a feeling of gratefulness.

Last time I felt like this was when I managed to sell my company.

I wanted to sell but I wasn’t sure I was going to find a buyer.

I was tired from six years of providing digital marketing services.

I was also drained by challenges with clients and business partners.

I wanted to do something else but I didn’t really know what yet.

I just knew I wanted to sell and exit the company at the same time.

A few months passed and nothing happened, until it happened.

Coincidentally, the selling of the company happened at the same time that myself and my wife completed the buying of our own apartment, after over two years of search.

These two things made me feel extremely grateful, like “The King of Sweden”.

I also felt that way when I first met my wife, five years ago.

Or when I left a job I was unhappy with to start my own company in 2016.

Feeling grateful doesn’t last long.

It could be months or days.

It seems like moments of gratefulness mark our lives like milestones in between the day-to-day.

When I am grateful I feel light, content, happy, like I don’t need anything else in the world and I am happy where I am, the way I am.

More like the “King of Sweden”, please!

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