In this post I want to share some additional notes about my weight loss or dieting phase.

I explained that I don’t like to use the word ‘cutting’ because I never did any bulking. Rather, I did body recomp (see my previous post for more details).

Here I would like to add a bit of colour to what I wrote earlier by listing some of the small things that I have done while dieting.

These extras are recommended for a number of health reasons. Here, I am only going to mention their effect on weight loss.

Nutrition Extras

Hot water with lemon

Drinking water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach has been a habit of mine for some time now. More recently, I use hot water. There are a number of benefits to this, including weight loss.

Lemons contain polyphenols, which are a plant-based compound that works as an antioxidant. In some studies, polyphenols were linked to weight loss as they help with the breaking down of fats (source:


I love coffee. I am Italian and it’s in my blood or sort of. For a while, I stopped drinking coffee (I would only drink decaf) because, apparently, coffee doesn’t help with male fertility.

At some point, I decided to go back to some moderate consumption (1 cappuccino in the morning + 1 espresso after lunch).

Coincidentally, I found this helpful for weight loss. In this regard, coffee has a number of benefits (source:

  1. It can help mobilise fat from tissues
  2. It can increase your metabolic rate
  3. It will make you feel more energised and increase and improve the quality of your workouts

Training Extras

Super and giant sets

I already mentioned that I follow a workout programme by personal trainer Paul Sklar.

The programme changes every month and it’s mostly made of super and giant sets.

This allows me to add intensity to my strength training. Intensity and a consequent elevation of your heart rate increases your calorie consumption not only during the workout but most importantly after.

Intensity is also great for fat loss, provided enough of it is applied during a workout routine.


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have also introduced a running routine, which I have now scaled down to 3-4 times a week and as follows:

  • Monday: 3 km on a treadmill
  • Wednesday: 5-7 km on a treadmill
  • Friday: 3 km on a treadmill
  • Saturday (on occasion): 10-17 km trail running

Besides the trail running session, which doesn’t happen every Saturday, I try to keep an easy pace and my heart rate under 139 bpm (green zone or zone 3 according to my current level of fitness, measured with a Polar Pacer fitness watch).

This is important because the higher your heart rate, the higher your body consumption of glycogen or carbs instead of fats.

The difference being that your glycogen reserves will be replenished quickly after your running session.

Instead and if done properly, moderate to intense running helps you to get rid of belly fat for good.


I walk on average for 5 km per day, which is my way from my house to the gym and back.

It’s known that walking helps you with weight loss by way of burning calories and reducing belly fat.

Additionally, it improves your mood.

Shatapavali or 100 steps

I make a point to take at least 100 steps after each meal. Most of the times, this happen within my apartment.

This is called ‘Shatapavali’, which is an Ayurvedic concept. You need to take at least 100 steps after every meal to reap benefits like improving digestion, managing triglyceride levels and burning calories.

These are just some of the extra things that I have done to lose fat in the last month or so.

Some of these have become habits and stay with me regardless of my weight loss goals.